Supported by the strength of Guardian - a 155-year-old Fortune 250 company.

Our history dates to 1987, as one of the first insurance and financial planning enterprises in southwest Florida. We began and continue our mission with one goal - to protect and provide for what you care about most.

The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian) has been helping people protect their future and secure their lives for more than 160 years. Every day, they serve 29 million people by helping them find financial confidence and well-being in life, health, and wealth.

As a mutual company, owned by its policyholders, Guardian helps people plan for their family and save for retirement as well as help companies take care of their employees. And of course, they help their clients recover and thrive in times of unexpected loss.

For over 160 years, Guardian has been committed to doing the right thing for their policyholders and customers. A Fortune 250 company, they are one of the largest mutual insurance companies in the country, focused on giving people the security they deserve for life.